Join our community of medical professionals, content curators, and educators. Our goal is to provide patients with relevant educational content at the moment of care via streaming videos.

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Medical Facilities






Content Providers

Medical Facilities

Provide patients with relevant educational videos at the moment of care. You can easily stream pre-loaded educational videos, upload your own custom content, and generate additional revenue for your practice by streaming sponsored programming. We give our partners complete control of the content that is displayed to their patients.

We provide our partners with the hardware and software at no cost to the facility. There are no setup fees, monthly subscription fees, or hidden fees. Healthcare facilities are our partners, not our clients, and we do everything in our power to ensure that we provide the best possible experience.

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Educators & Content Creators

Join our community of healthcare professionals, educators, and content creators. The focus of our community is to create content that brings true value to patients when they need it most.

At no cost, we'll distribute your content to our network of healthcare facilities throughout the United States. Your content will be in the hands of patients at the moment of care, which will make it easier for patients to ask well-informed questions that ultimately improve the patient-physician dialogue. Join us as we strive to create awareness around good health!

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Brand Partners

The waiting room and treatment rooms serve as a valuable communication medium for your brand and message. We make it simple to include your sponsored video in the playlist that physicians make available to their patients. This allows for brand engagement with both the physician and the waiting patient at the moment of care.

Our user-friendly brand partner dashboard allows healthcare marketers to easily create multiple digital marketing campaigns in order to place your message in front of the right audience at the right time and place.

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Our content dashboard is a web application that we've built in order to make it easy for healthcare professionals to stream relevant content to patients. With Revnet's content dashboard, it's simple to stream relevant educational videos, upload custom video content, and promote sponsored videos within our community of patients and physicians.


The streambox is the heart of Revnet. It plugs directly into your TV and immediately starts streaming content you choose from the content dashboard. Make the most of your lobby by providing waiting patients with useful information that promotes good health and awareness.


Our tablets provide an interactive educational experience for patients as they wait to see their physician. With our tablets, patients will have access to the same educational content that lives in your content dashboard, however, the patient controls the videos they would like to watch.

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